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We provide a wide range of creative services

Software Development.

We have an excellent team of software developers. We have developed products like VIDENT and DOOTAM.

Performance Engineering.

Our products are fully based on performance engineering. So don't worry about performance of software.

System Optimization.

DATEX is a diversified global IT services company that provides optimal IT solutions.

Digital Marketing.

We are not here only for software development but will also help you in digital marketing.

Performance Engineered

We build High Performance and Optimized Software

Fully Responsive

Responsive design allows you to stay ahead of the trend. As the demand for media rich mobile internet and apps is burgeoning, several important implications must be addressed; development and maintenance costs, visibility in search engines and better conversion rates.

Clean Design

Here is a lot "not-so-well-designed" code out there. And we, as an industry, create more and more every day. Even experienced developers, who should know better, make bad design decisions in the heat of the project. And then there is not enough time to fix them.

Valid Code

If coding guidelines are used in a proper manner, errors can be detected at the time of writing the software code. Such detection in early stages helps in increasing the performance of the software as well as reducing the additional and unplanned costs of correcting and removing errors.

Free Consulting

Call us to get free Consultation because we believe in sharing technology and Ideas empower the development of Nation.

For Every type business

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